Thursday, March 1, 2007

Pictures of the Cup

As promised yesterday here I am with a picture of the trophy. It truly is a beauty.

On display in the main hall of the IOC building, it glowed in all its magnificence and was a sight to see. It perfectly fits the prestige of the tournament which it represents. And I had the opportunity to see it as close as one possibly could.

It consists of a globe in the shape of a cricket ball, supported by three pillars of wickets. The band around the globe bears the legend: 'ICC Cricket World Cup'. I was close enough to see that.

If you click on any of these pictures, you will be able to see the globe as I saw it, with all the details. 


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Siddharth said...

Good for you. Blogging, eh? Very, soon, you'll be sucked into the spiraling world of public internet writing. You will have to make an entry every day, update everyday, add pictures everyday, add features everyday, twiddle the controls EVERY DAMN DAY.... And all that just to keep your rank. Best of luck to you. Make anonynous comments allowed too. I don't want my name to appear on ur space.
Damn you saw the Cup!

wonder gunner said...

pretty nice blog man...keep it goin..unlike lotsa em who leave it in b/w...n i gess many pp, r gonna be jealous o u cuz u saw the cup..good 4 jst keep in goin.